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Snippets of Southie shenanigans, plus talks about coffee, going green, business, and friend'sips'.☕️🧋🌱🥰

For our new series called SOUTHIEscovery, these Southies had 'bean' meaning to visit Pagsanjan for a while now, and it was terrific timing that when we finally got to go, breau /brew/ had just opened and had extended an invitation for our team to visit! We were sooo 'frappe' that we did, cause all had such a blast, and it was not just the caffeine kicking!😄

While enjoying pleasant and lively conversations with the breau SOUTHIEpreneurs, Paula, Vin, Rsy, and Jenina; our team tried a lot of their bestsellers and recommendations.... (and when we say, a lot, we mean, A LOTTA LATTE! lol)😜

🧋Milk Tea Series: Dark Chocolate • Winter Melon • Matcha • Okinawa
This 'tea'ries is highly recommended!👌🏼 The Dark Chocolate was not at all bitter, and definitely sweetened right.😋 The Matcha was subtly flavored which was perfect for someone who is not a fan of the strong, earthy versions. But the Okinawa stole the show for Southie Eliza. She mused that all the while she thought a certain popular tea shop's version was the best, but now, that's completely replaced by breau's!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 We can't mention the brand, but we can definitely say "Aww! 'Sorry na, tea!'" (sounds like. lol.) We should also mention that the pearls were perfectly cooked: fresh and slightly chewy but not undercooked.🙌🏼

🥛🍵Warm Milk Tea: OG Milk Tea
🥛☕️Breau-ed Hot Latte: Bulletproof Latte (Low Carb)
Again, these drinks were perfectly balanced with their brews and sweetener. 😋

🥤Breau-ed Iced Latte: Caramel NOT Salted • Dark Mocha • Coffee Jelly
This was a fun bunch!🙌🏼 I know we keep saying this again and again, but we just can't get over the fact that the sweetness level they put in all of the drinks were so spot on, despite the fact we didn't request our preferences.👍🏼 What stood out to me was the Coffee Jelly, because it was definitely comparable to my all-time favorite at Po's Coffee. lol. It was strong, not sweet, and noms!😗👌🏼

🧃Tea of the Week: Iced Hibiscus Lemon Tea
This was flavorful and refreshing, plus it's not sweet: didn't need it to be sweet, too, since it was already 'tea'licious as it was!😋

💡'breau' is pronounced like 'brew' or the sound a motorcycle does when you twist the throttle. now say it twice: breau.brew!!!🛵💨 hee-hee! (good job making the sound, southie! lol)
💡What we loved about the place was there were lots of plants, and it was open-air and shaded because of the huuuuge tree in the area. Despite the fact that we got there around lunchtime, we didn't even break out a sweat!
💡You can request for your preferred level of sweetness and choice of sweeteners!
💡They feature a Tea of the Week! When we visited, it was the Iced Hibiscus Lemon Tea. Follow their IG and FB pages to get dibs on their next specials!
💡The owners are big on promoting sustainability: 
♻️They use 'breau'd coffee grounds and loose tea leaves as organic fertilizers, and share them with the public every Wednesday and Friday for free!
♻️They use biodegradable takeaway bags.
♻️They're developing reusable cups with a promotional discount to reduce waste.
♻️They provide a sustainable hanging bamboo bar for bicycles.
💡They provide free cold water for bikers, as long as they have their own tumblers.
💡Rsy /ar-see/, one of the owners, used to be a barista in the UAE before deciding to come home for good and put up his own business with his friends, Paula, Vin, and Jenina. He certainly made the right decision! 
💡Visit them at night as the vibe is quite different and pretty cool! Lookie!👇🏼

Thank you so much for the warm welcome to our team, and for 'breau'ing us full with delicious drinks and fun stories, Team breau!🙏🏼

Check them out when you're in the area, and perk up at their awesome green space, Southies!

📍Gen. Luna St., Pagsanjan, Laguna 4008
⌚️Tuesday to Thursday (Weekdays) – 1PM to 9PM
⌚️Friday to Sunday (Weekends) – 2PM to 10PM
   breau on FB
   @breau.brew on IG
😷🥽Minimal tables and chairs are set-up to ensure social distancing, so call ahead to inquire for availability.
📲0917 813 9083 or 0917 726 8086

  Review by Southies Yani, Aisha, Eliza, and Donna
 Blog by Southie Donna


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