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Big Boss Hot Pandesal
Snippets of your Southie breadmakers 'baking in' their new ovens in Moonwalk Las Piñas.

This isn't an episode on 'Baking' Bad where the 'Big Boss' tells you to take him to your 'baker' cause he needs to get even. This also isn't that game, Mario 'Bkrs.', wherein the definition of a 'Big Boss' is the enemy you have to defeat in the last stage, so you can rescue the princess. This 'Big Boss' in the south is the one who knows how to take care of a #LegitSouthie's Pinoy breakfast or meryenda! Read more below.

Big Boss Hot Pandesal opened their 7th store in Moonwalk Village, Las Piñas last 28 Nov 2020. Thanks to our good friend, Jowell of Food Flings PH, This Southie got to swing by for a quick visit to check out the new digs and see if they've got what it 'bakes' to be called the Big Boss of the Bread World. *wink*

Big Boss serves Classic Pandesal, Cheese-desal, Pan de Spanish, Pan de Coco, and Ube Cheese-desal in their branches. I was able to try some of their breads and I was especially in the mood for nothing fancy, so I got hooked with their Pan de Spanish and their Classic Pandesal! I just loooved how they didn't overthink things and kept their breads simple, but remarkable; a tasty dough and bread served fresh out the oven  is all they 'kneaded' to steal the show.

Thank you so much for the goodies and for having me, Big Boss! 

Stop and smell the 'flours', and just go with the 'dough', Southies! Go visit Big Boss' newest location in Moonwalk Las Piñas, and check out their socials below!

 31 Apollo 3 St. Moonwalk Village Las Piñas
 Big Boss Hot Pandesal on Facebook
 @bigbossbakes on Instagram
Other Branches:
 Naga Road, Las Piñas (main)
 Tramo, Las Piñas
 Vergonville Road, Las Piñas
 BF Homes, Elizalde, Las Piñas
 BF Homes, Aguirre, Parañaque
 Manuela, Las Piñas 

 Product review by Southie Donna.


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