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Belas Mango Float
Snippets of the summer sunshine coming down south to save us from this chilly weather!🌬🥶🌞🥭🥰

The first thing that came to mind when this Southie laid eyes on and got a taste of Belas Mango Float was "Wee! Summer came early!" Mangoes aren't in season yet, so having this treat was delightful, to say the least.

What I liked about their version:
 It was visually pleasing, very neatly layered.
 They used well-riped mangoes, made to order to ensure freshness.

 I thought all mango floats were created equal, but this one was different! I couldn't identify the secret ingredient, but each bite was extra milky without being too sweet. I kept tasting it to guess what made it unique. I didn't realize I was halfway through the tub cause I couldn't seem to 'milk' up my mind! They said it was supposed to last 3 weeks in the freezer, but it definitely didn't last 3 hours in ours! LOL. (Stop judging, Southie. That's not very nice.😅)

Thank you for doing a 'mango'nificent job with this desert, Belas Mango Float!

Wanna make yourself forget for a minute how chilly the weather these days is, Southies? Have some sunshine in a tub and order some mango float today! Check them out on IG below.

 @belasmangofloat on IG


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Belas Mango Float
South Snippets
13 January, 2021
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