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Snippets of heavenly treats from @bakign_.💝

This sweet surprise from @bakign_ came in a pretty box on a bright, sunny morning, "Valentine's Day came early!", this Southie thought. It doesn’t have to be Feb 14 to get your hands on these decadent treats tho! 💕

What's inside the box? A dozen of assorted cream puffs! Each puff is generously stuffed with perfectly sweet cream.😋 The dough was so soft it melted in my mouth.🍞🤏🏽😍🤤

My favorite was the Caramel Puff coz the topping was crisp—there was an interesting marriage of softness and crunch every time I took a bite!😗👌🏼 The Chocolate Puff and Milky Puff were neck-to-neck for second place.😋 

These are definitely perfect as a gift to send your loved ones or perfectly fine to buy for yourself. Lol! 

Thanks for the fancy, lovely snack @bakign_ !🙏🏼 

Check out @bakign_'s IG feed and online shop for more details about these lovely treats, Southies!🤗

📍Bacoor, Cavite 
 @bakign_ on IG
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  Food Review & Blog by Southie Eliza


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