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Baker J Manila
Snippets of an insanely good French table spread--the kind that strengthens Southie 'French'ships.🇫🇷🍽💞

With more and more people getting vaccinated, albeit slow, and establishments getting their Safety Seal Certifications like Alabang Town Center, it's quite clear that Southies and SOUTHIEpreneurs are working their damndest to kick this virus in the butt by bouncing back from one of the longest slumps in our economy.

One that we considered an indication of this was the recent opening of Baker J Manila in Crimson Hotel Filinvest City.🇫🇷👨🏻‍ [Watch our experience in under a minute! View our Tiktok video HERE.]

Fellow One South Fam member, Southie Dinjo of Alabang Bulletin, hooked these Southies up, along with Southie Eboy of The Quiet Diner, for an invite to sample Baker J's noms all-day brunch and dinner French menu, pastries, and coffee.🇫🇷🍽🥐🍞☕️😋 Pardon our French, but dayuuuum!🙌🏼😗👌🏼 Talk about a 'beret' awesome meal, eh, Southies?😄 [Watch more about our experience in this YouTube video by Alabang Bulletin HERE.]

Read below for the dishes each of us ordered and what we said about the experience, plus some bonus pronunciation lessons!🧠🇫🇷👄

🍖🌭🥗 Spicy Beef & Lamb Sausage Shakshoukka /shuhk·shyoo·kuh/ for Southie Yani of South Snippets: It's all good, especially if you dip their sourdough bread in it. Apparently this is a salad. I 'oui'lly liked it!💞😋

🐟🍆🍅 Pan Seared Salmon /ˈsæmən/ Steak with Ratatouille /rætəˈtui/ for Southie Donna of South Snippets: 
So noms!😋 The salmon was thick and perfectly-cooked. I 'musee' the ratatouille is really good, like, drop-my-pen-and-cue-in-flashback-to-my-childhood-memories good!😗👌🏼

🧇🍳🧈🥓 🥗 Complet /kuhm·pleɪ/ for Southie Eliza of South Snippets:
As the name implies, it is COMPLETE: just like having your definition of the Breakfast of Champions, but French edition. You've  got meat, like bacon and sausage (sooo good!🤤), eggs, waffles, veggies, even a detox drink... so if you can't decide on what you want for breakfast, order this cause it's got EVERYTHING!🙌🏼

🍗🍝 Coq Au Vin /kɔk oʊ ˈvæ̃n/ for Southie Eboy of The Quiet Diner:
It's delicious! The meat was flavorful and the pasta was al dente /æl ˈdenˌteɪ/.😗👌🏼 Earlier, I was disappointed that I couldn't talk with anyone because they were too busy with their phones, but when I started eating, I couldn't even be bothered to speak for Dinjo's vlog. You 'Cannes' call me The Quieter Diner now.😄

🥪🧀🥗 Croque Monsieur /krowk muh·syur/ for Southie Aisha of South Snippets: This is one creamy ham sandwich and the salad is good, especially the dressing! So good I wanna give the chef hugs and 'quiches'!😜 Hard pass on the French kiss, tho. Too early in the game for that. LOL.😅✌🏼

🐟🍳 Smoked Salmon /ˈsæmən/ Egg Benedict for Southie Dinjo of Alabang Bulletin: I loved each and every bite! Safe to say, I think 'Eiffel' in love with it.🥰😌 Sooo flavorful and a great version of my all-time favorite breakfast!🤗 

💡 They have an opening promo of 30% discount until June 30, 2021 only!
💡 Order El Union Coffee from their menu because it's really really good!
💡 They also have delicious breads and cakes, plus don't get fooled by their 'France'-y appearance, because they are shockingly NOT expensive AT ALL!
💡 Best to call ahead and make a reservation, since they can only accommodate up to 70% capacity. 

Thank you sooo much for the 'oui'nning experience, Baker J Manila!🙏🏼 Thanks to Ronnie and Aly for taking care of our group!🙌🏼 Life is indeed full, as you say.💞☝🏼 

Thank you, too, for the invite, Southie Dinjo of Alabang Bulletin!🙏🏼 

Experience a 'France'-y, filling, but reasonably priced meal at Baker J, Southies! You'll love it for sure. We ain't 'Lyon'! Check out their socials and contact details.👇🏼 

📍 G/F Entrata Urban Complex, beside Crimson Hotel, Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa
📲 Book a table: 09985953831
 📋 View their menu HERE
  Baker J Manila on FB
  @bakerjmanila on IG

  Review by Southies Yani, Dinjo, Eboy, Aisha, Eliza, and Donna
  Blog by Southie Donna


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