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Snippets of our typical favorites, but with this SOUTHIEpreneur's own refreshing 'bakes'!

It was a delight thatBaked'EM thought of sending over a couple of their specialties to us. For some time now, the baked tray hype seemed to have gone down a bit, so it was exciting to hear they put their own spin to the regular versions I often see online. 

First, I need to mention the packaging. They have THE best packaging of hot dishes I've seen in a while--each tray was wrapped in cling film and secured with tape. (I like 'em clingy and steady. *wink*) There was also a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the plastic bag to make sure the trays don't topple over during transport. Even the tiny packet of soy sauce was carefully wrapped in a paper napkin!  I could really see that a lot of thought, care and effort was put into the making sure the food gets to their customers in perfect condition: their attention to detail was im'pack'able!👌🏼

Now, on to the 'meat' of the discussion...

Baked Kani Sushi
: This had mangoes, cucumber, onion, leeks, crab sticks, Japanese fish roe, rice, and their special baked sushi sauce. It came with a pack of nori, and was slightly spicy which definitely kept everything interesting! What I liked most about the topping was the chunks of cream cheese in the sauce. Yuuum!

Savory Charsiu Chan: If you're a fan of THE Charlie Chan, this is a must-try! It's a slightly different take on the famous fusion pasta--a little saltier and sweeter (tastier, over-all), and I just couldn't stop eating! 

Thank you so much for the delicious food, Baked'EM!

Go try their trays, and tell us if you like 'em as much as we did, Southies. Check out their socials below!

📍Biñan, Laguna
 Baked'EM on FB
 @bakedemhomecooked on IG 

 Food Reviewed by Southie Aisha
 Blog by Southie Donna


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