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Baked Cookies by Sophie
Snippets of these baked goods 'kilig' this Southie softly, she instanlty 'pie'd with delight!🍪🥧🤗

Oh, Sophie! You make 'pie'ing such a sweet experience!😌 Yes Sophie, I loved the baked goods!😋😉 

Just in time for 'kilig' season, Baked Cookies by Sophie came thru with this 'batch' made in heaven, and I felt so touched to have had the chance to try her recommended creations!🙌🏼

🍫 Brownies
They were soft, moist, and chocolatey with just the right sweetness! The top was a bit toasted (which is what I look for in a brownie!) and a bit chewy but the inside was moist. Yummy!😋

🥧🍌 Banoffee Pie
It had incredible layers of graham crust, caramel, bananas, and cream, topped with shaved chocolate. The pie had interesting textures of crunchiness (crust), softness (bananas, caramel and cream), and roughness (shaved chocolate toppings).🤯 It wasn't very sweet, and the size was perfect for 3-4 people. Pro-Tip: put it in the fridge for an hour before eating.😋 You're welcome!😉

🍪 Cookies -- Sophie sent us their best-selling cookie flavors: 
🤎Chocolate Chip
🤎Dark Chocolate Walnut
🤎Red Velvet
All the cookies were soft and chewy, they had the perfect sweetness so it's okay to eat more.😝 My personal fave was Dark Chocolate Walnut cookie! The nutty flavor balanced the sweetness and bitterness of the dark choco chips. 

Thank you so much for feeding me your nomnoms and sending me a lotta love, Sophie! I really got 'kilig' from the handwritten note!💝 

Send some good ol' #SouthLove to Baked Goods by Sophie by following their socials and sending them a DM to order, Southies!

📍Bacoor, Cavite
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  Review and Photos by Southie Eliza 
 Blog by Southie Donna


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Baked Cookies by Sophie
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14 February, 2022
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