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Almost PH
Snippets of good treats that come in one pretty box. Literally.

This quarantine, the sheer number of baked goods sent our way is enough to turn this Southie into a self-declared 'cookie connoisseur' of sorts. To illustrate: when cookies arrive at my doorstep, I'm like "Impress me, cookie." LOL. (Don't worry. I am a 'cooki'sseur, not The Cookie Whisperer. I don't really talk to inanimate objects, but you get the gist. *wink*) 

The most recent batch I had the chance to try was by Almost PH. Boy! Did they impress me! Oh, they did impress me much!

The Good Treat Box by Almost PH contains 4 of each of their 4 flavors.

Belgian Chocolate Chip:
Soft and buttery, plus the Belgian chocolate is decadent! The pinch of salt balances out the sweetness. Yummers!

Almost Blue:
I took a bite without knowing what flavor it was and I was pleasantly surprised by the buttery blue cheese flavor! This was the best of the bunch for me, one I'll keep thinking about for sure. Or maybe, I can keep dreaming about it until it 'crumbs' true. *sigh*

Celebration Cookies: Heads up! Looks like the celebration found their ballroom... in my mouth! The rainbow sprinkles give the soft cookie a crunch, so each bite has an interesting texture!

White Chocolate Chunk: This one has a simpler flavor profile, but the caramel on top gives it a nice chewy texture. Noms!

Thank you for the lovely treat, Almost PH! You are simply 'dough'pe!

Don't forget to cheer up the whole gang, and make it your friend'chip' goals to share a box or two of these with them this season, Southies! Check out their online platforms below.
 @almost.ph on Instagram

P.S. The box is sooo pretty! It's as delightful to look at as the cookies were to eat!

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12 December, 2020
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