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Aling Nene's Sweets & Pasalubong
Snippets of goodies that quickly became the apple of this Southie's 'pie'.🥧👀😍

 I may be a woman of simple taste, but make no mistake about it: I always keep my eyes on the 'pies'! Soo happy that our peeps over at Aling Nene's Sweets & Pasalubong were 'slice' enough to send us some of their yummy goodies one day. Their Okoy and Egg Pies really hit the spot!

Crispy Okoy 
Whoa. I suddenly didn't feel 'okoy', because I was today years old when I found out okoys are suuuper good! I never even took a second glance at them being sold at stores. I feel like I wasted years of my life not eating this stuff! *cri*  They were so crispy, so tasty, so perfect with a little bit of vinegar! 

Egg Pie
Soft and creamy, not too sweet, even the crust is good! There are so many versions in the market right now, but theirs is gonna hard for you to 'egg'nore. It having no umay factor is a huge plus!

Ube Egg Pie
This is a fun twist on the usual egg pie you'd have. You can really taste the ube flavor! I found it softer and creamier than the original flavor.

Mini Versions (Original and Ube Egg Pies)
For when you want to share. Haha! Cause I swear! You'd totally want to eat the whole pies by yourself. (I'm not saying I did. I might have, but I can neither confirm nor deny.😆)

Thank you so much for the noms treats, Aling Nene's!

Did these treats catch your 'pie', Southies? You can check them out on their socials below.

📍 Biñan City, Laguna
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Aling Nene's Sweets & Pasalubong
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