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Snippets of this Southie who doesn’t give a 'frappe' as long as she’s had her dose of caffeine!

Thanks to 4102.cafe, this Southie had a very 'brew'tiful day! 4102.cafe is a neighborhood garage cafe that serves coffee and non-coffee drinks, hearty snacks, and meals that taste like home. Experiencing some deja 'brew' with the cafe’s name? Well, for sure it’s familiar because it’s the zip code of Bacoor, Cavite. Brilliant, right???

4102.cafe was generous enough to get this Southie fueled up for a couple of days. Here’s what I think about the drinks:

*Stacey’s Drink - this is made of cold brew, house recipe milk, and homemade sweetener. There are days when you want your coffee creamy and sweet, right? This is the perfect drink for ‘those’ days! It has the right strength of the caffeine kick you need for the day, and it’s creamy (but light) and a bit sweet.

*Tiger Coffee - the name of this drink just fits it perfectly. It was ‘rawr’ at first sip! Tiger coffee is made of cold brew, house recipe milk, and brown sugar syrup. I was expecting it to be sweeter than Stacey’s drink, but this really had a more rawr in it than purr. *wink* There was a hint of bitterness in it, like the taste of toasted sugar. It was so addictive I couldn’t stop drinking it LOL. This was this southie's pick among all the drinks!

Bottled Cold Brew  & Bottled Cold Brew Latte
If you’d like your usual cold brew or latte on a busy day, these caffeinated drinks should be your go-to. Their cold brew had a good kick plus it’s smooth.

Cookies and Cream Frappe & Salted Caramel Frappe
These drinks made this Southie’s busy day frappe-y. The sweetness of the frappes were just right and the whipped cream was really light so I felt a little less guilty. ;) 

4102 Specials


Nachos Overload - this Southie is 'nacho' average person when it comes to nachos. I can eat a whole serving--the for sharing one--just by myself! LOL You can imagine my excitement after seeing how generous 4102.cafe’s nachos overload is with the chips, veggies, and dips. One serving is good for 2-3 persons and it’s just P95.00! WHOAsome!

Waffles - don’t get fooled by their size! They may appear ‘mini’ but this Southie had a full tummy after eating 5 pcs of them. There was a hint of cinnamon flavor in them and they were served with several choices of syrup.

Sardines Pasta - The sardines didn't taste fishy and overpowering at all and had a bit of spice. This Southie loved this the most! Pastariffic!

Spaghetti Bolognese - There was a good sauce-and-pasta ratio in every serving. Some people might not be really into sour meaty pasta sauce because Pinoys love the sweet style, but this one had a good balance of sourness and saltiness. 

Chicken Alfredo - This tastes like home–it’s familiar and comfortingly good. It made me remember those days when I would invite my cousins over at home and have conversations at the dinner table while eating pasta. 

Overall, their pasta was al dente, and each serving is good for 1 and had garlic bread on the side.

Thank you sooo much for feeding this Southie silly, 4102.cafe!

Check them out on their socials for their menu and on how to order, Southies.

📍Bacoor, Cavite
 4102.cafe on FB
 @4102.cafe on IG

  Review, Photos, and Blog by Southie Eliza


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