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390 Degrees Resto
Snippets of these Southies' memorable, almost-old-normal feels dining experience.🍽😌

We may not be over the COVID situation in Metro Manila yet, but we are somehow relieved to see that Southie business activities have started to pick up these days. One of those who have mustered up the guts to rebound from getting hit hard by the pandemic was 390 Degrees. Two of the owners, Iris and Edison, shared they were supposed to open the resto, when COVID came and put those plans to a looong halt: almost 2 years!😱🤯

We, however, think that the long wait was all worth it!🙌🏼 Southie Yani and I really enjoyed the elegant, but comforting food Chef Griffin and his team served us during our visit.😋 Here are our thoughts:

🍅🥣Tomato Soup with Ravioli: As what Southie Yani often emphasizes whenever we eat together: you'll know the food is good when it's gone cold, but it still tastes delicious. What more with soup! We kinda got distracted with taking photos and videos that we weren't able to have the soup when it was served warm, but holy moly!🤯 This was one helluva good soup: well-seasoned, tasty, comforting, and was complemented really well by the breadsticks. 'Soup'erb!😗👌🏼 

🔥🍔Beef Brisket Sandwich: The Angus beef was smoky, so tender, and the BBQ sauce was just spot on: it wasn't too sweet!😋 Their charcoal-activated bun also gave this sammie that distinct flavor and character: it was a 'brisket' worth taking. *wink*

🔥🍗🍢Chicken Skewers: This was a personal favorite because I looove grilled chicken so much! Their sauce was sweetened just right and didn't take away from the char-grilled flavor which 390 degrees is very proud about when it comes to their dishes. What really took this dish a notch higher is the fried rice that came with it. It was the perfect match to the sweet chicken because of the herbs and spices infused in the rice. I've had nothing quite like it! 'Fowl'tastic!😱🤤

🍹390 Degrees Signature Iced Tea: Perfectly-sweetened, refreshing, and very distinct in flavor!👍🏼

Thank you so much for hosting us and our fellow foodies, 390 Degrees!🙏🏼

Check out their charcoal-grilled trays, exclusive private dining package, and breads and pastries for your holiday celebrations!👍🏼

😷 Note: All guests invited in the launch underwent swab testing prior. Everyone tested negative for COVID.
📍 Sequoia Hotel, Aseana City, Parañaque
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  Experienced by Southies Donna and Yani
 Photos by Southie Yani 
 Blog by Southie Donna


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390 Degrees Resto
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7 December, 2021
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