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105 D Street
Snippets of this Southie having a sweet, 'loaf'ly afternoon!🍪🍰🧀😋

@105dstreet succeeded on 'dough'ing their good deed for the day by 'baking' this southie smile on a busy busy work day.😍🤗 Who wouldn't be happy with receiving loads of cheesecakes and cookies?😜

I'd been craving for cheesecake for weeks so I dug into @105dstreet's home-baked cakes right away! Here are what I tried: 

🍰 Honey Brie Cheesecake - this cheesecake was made by marrying off  French brie and cream cheese. It had a nice not-so-sweet and tangy taste which is familiar to any cheesecake fan. They say it pairs well with red wine, so you should give it a try. 😉

🍰 Espresso Cheesecake - this southie is a self-proclaimed 'coffee'seur and I loved it at first 'slice'! There was a perfect balance of flavors: the sweet & salty crust, the sour cream cheese, and the bitter espresso. Ah! I can't 'espresso' enough how much I liked it! 

🍰 Dark Chocolate Brie Cheesecake - this cake may look sinful but you'll feel less guilty because it's made with 75% dark chocolate and French brie. The flavors might be a tad bit strong but it's really worth the slice.😉 

PRO-TIP: You can order 2 flavors in one whole cake! (Half & half) 

You can check the other cheesecakes available on their menu HERE.

But that's not all! They also sent over their chunky cookie monsters (monsters coz they're really big ☺️) for this southie to try. 

🍪 Cookie # 1 - dark milk choco chunks + cashews
🍪 Cookie # 2 - dark choco base + dark & milk choco chunks + cashews + cranberries
🍪 Cookie # 2.5 - dark choco base + dark choco chunks
🍪 Cookie # 3 - white choco chunks + walnuts + cranberries
🍪 PB & C - peanut butter core + milk choco with peanut butter chunks
🍪 The Oatmeal - rolled oats+ dark choco chunks + almonds
🍪 Coffee Crumble - coffee base + milk choco chunks + cashews
🍪 Snickerdoodle- cinnamon base + whipped cream cheese core
🍪 Matcha Pistachio - matcha base + pistachio + white & dark choco chunks 

It felt like I was taken to cookie heaven for a while because all the cookies were 'dough'licious. @105dstreet did their homework well; the combination of chocolates and nuts were perfect! They were very generous with the chunks and of course, each cookie was big enough to share with a loved one. They were all good but this southie's top 3 are Coffee Crumble, Cookie # 3, and  The Oatmeal! The cranberries in Cookie # 3 gave a burst of flavors into the treat! The Coffee Crumble which had coffee in it was a no-brainer for this coffee lover *eyeroll* LOVETTE! The Oatmeal filled this Southie's stomach in no time--perfectly paired with a glass of milk. 

Thank you so much @105dstreet for sending these really 'dough'licious goodies!😋

Check them out on their socials for their menu and on how to order, Southies.

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  Review, Photos, and Blog by Southie Eliza


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105 D Street
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14 March, 2022
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Snippets of this Southie who doesn’t give a 'frappe' as long as she’s had her dose of caffeine!