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Unlikely PH: Coffee x Cocktails
Snippets of this Southie ending up liking a ‘blend’ of foods and drinks that’s rather unlikely.🌮🥗🍰🍸☕️

I found it refreshing to experience Unlikely PH’s unique mix of caffeine, spirits, and grubs all in one cozy spot in BFRV Las Piñas. Super enjoyed their legit noms food, coffee, and cocktail!😗👌🏼 Here’s the lowdown on what I had during my recent visit:

🌮 Unlikely Birria: Ugh! Sooo gewd! Their version is distinct to me as they make use of pork instead of the common beef versions available in most places, and had that cheesy finish I don’t often experience from others. Talk about a whole new definition for best ‘queso’ scenario, amiright??

🥗 Unlikely Nachos with Salad & Sisig Dips: I believe this right here is what stole my heart, really. Dayuuum! Lurved their homemade chips dipped in either their salad or sisig. Although both dips were great complements, my personal choice is their salad. I dunno what’s in it; all I know is it was delish! Also, the fact that their chips remained crisp more than 6 hours after being served is cause for Chef Tatty to ‘shell’ebrate and my mind to be blown! 

🍌🍰 Banana Cake: Soo moist and yummy, plus the pleasant bites of chocolate were enough to make me go ‘bananas’. LOL. I swear. It’s probably one of the best versions I’ve had!

☕️ Latte X: Their version of the classic Spanish Latte is definitely a winner in my book. It’s the perfect blend of strong and creamy with the perfect balance of sweetness fit for those who aren’t into sugar-y stuff. And, whoa! It came as a big ‘shot’ to find out they put a hint of cinnamon in there. I didn’t even notice. LOL. For someone who’s not a fan of cinnamon, the fact that they made it extra pleasant for me is enough ‘grounds’ for me to be impressed.

🍸The Actor: For someone who usually takes her whiskey neat or on-the-rocks, this was definitely an unlikely ending to my Unlikely PH experience: it was refreshing and pleasant with just the right amount of kick to pre-game for my main drinking sesh that night. Haha!

Thank you sooo much for making noms munchies and bevvys, Unlikely PH!🙏🏼 Special shoutout to Tatty, Kai, Nico, & Joshua for being great hosts and to Jann for the hook-up!🫶🏼

📍 B36 L25 Vatican City Dr, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas
 Unlikely on FB  
 @unlikely.ph on IG
⌚️Sun-Th: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
      Fri-Sat: 7:00 AM to 12:00 MN
☎️ +639171937711 / +639665783771
🛵 @grabfoodph

   Review and Blog by Southie Donna

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Unlikely PH: Coffee x Cocktails
South Snippets
4 August, 2023
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