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Trattoria Mario Mio
Snippets of our Italian SOUTHIEscovery in Silang, Cavite that's so legit, it's im'pasta'ble to resist!😗👌🏼

We love 'Southie'scovering great restos in the south, but we love it even more, when these visits are a product of happy accidents. (Thank you, Southie Angel, for your reco!) Going there our first 2 times may have been unplanned, but the third one was definitely a conscious and deliberate effort. Why, you ask? Well, these Southies may just have found their new Italian favorite in a quiet, lovely little spot in the heart of Silang, Cavite: Trattoria Mario Mio.🇮🇹🍽 

🍽 The Food View & download the full MENU HERE
We got to try a bunch of items, plus new dishes that you will only get to hear first from us! WOOT! Here are some of what we tried from their menu:

🤤 Appetizers: Stefano's Panizza || Calamaretti || Complimentary Foccacia
They gave their version of the classic fried squid rings a sophisticated twist by serving it with their homemade pomodoro dip. Me likey! But, oh boy! Their panizza is definitely one of the best this Southie has ever had! I'm not even 'gnocchi'ng around! It was refreshing, creamy, fun to eat in a pleasantly messy kind of way. I really loved how the cream oozed out when I roll each slice with a piece of arugula. Noms!

🍕Pizzas: Pizza Stracciatella (NEW on the Menu) || Pizza Carbonara
Both are delicious, but I seriously enjoyed their Pizza Stracciatella. The stracciatella was definitely a game-changer. Think of it as Margherita that sets your mind at 'cheese'... Ah! So unforgettably good!

🍝 Pastas, Risotto, and Ravioli: Penne alla Vodka (NEW on the Menu) || Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Gamberetti || Spaghetti Bolognese || Penne Salsicce e Funghi alla Boscaiola || Linguini alla Carbonara || Risotto alla Crema di Tartufo || Tortelli di Anatra al Profumo di Tartufo
I'm sorry but I 'cannoli' tell you to try everything on this list for yourself, because they are all worth the carbs. LOL. Although if I had to make a difficult choice to pick only one or two, go for the Penne alla Vodka (tomato-based) and Risotto alla Crema di Tartufo. The former gave that perfect balance between the sourness of the tomato sauce and the subtle creaminess of the cheese.

🥩 Mains: Costata di Manzo alla Griglia (USDA Prime Grade Rib Eye Steak)​​ || Filetto di Branzino al Burro (Pan Grilled Chilean Seabass Fillet)
Ugh! I'm not even gonna pretend here for a second; I'm just gonna come right out and say the fish was great and complemented well with the risotto, but  I am just a sucker for red meat. Their steak is just divine! It was perfectly cooked and seasoned; no frills, just one perfect slab of beef, served with arugula salad, grilled potatoes and farm fresh vegetables. Delish!

🍮 Desserts: Panna Cotta Al Miele Tartufato || Caffe Panna Cotta (NEW on the Menu) || Tiramisu
We loooved all these desserts but we were sooo impressed by how they managed to put an unexpected spin on the usual panna cotta you'd find in other places. Their Panna Cotta al Miele Tartufato is the perfect example of that: the sweet balsamic drizzle worked so well with the delicateness of the flan and the strong characteristic of the honeyed truffle. Ugh! Absolutely 'panna'tastic, it's mind-blowing!

Here are more things we love about the place: 
😍 The ambiance is just what one would expect from a lovely al fresco place in Silang, but with the quiet and intimacy you'd look for in a laidback dining place.
🌱 They're family-owned and so committed  to supporting local farmers and their produce.
🥰  The service was consistent and personal; you'd love to linger for longer than what you deem appropriate. Haha!

Thank you so much to their excellent servers, Keicey & Karen, and their managing owner, Maureen, for being such terrific hosts to us! We can't wait to go back!

📍  Monteluce, KM48 E. Aguinaldo Highway, Silang, Cavite
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  Experienced by Southies Yani and Donna.
 Blog by Southie Donna

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Trattoria Mario Mio
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