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Rancho Lorenzo BF Resort
Snippets of these Southies absolutely 'grilled' to be having legit noms comfort food!😋👌🏼😌

Dinjo of Alabang Bulletin introduced us to Rancho Lorenzo in BFRV Las Piñas, and he totally delivered!😋👌🏼 I swear--hands 'dine'🙌🏼 --every single dish was delicious and, surprisingly, it was also reasonably priced!💰👍🏽 (Everything we had cost 1,200+, and it’s pretty obvious—we ordered  A LOT for 2 people. LOL. It was probably good for 4-5 hungry Southies. 😅)

Here is everything we tried and what we liked about them:

🔥🧈🐚 Grilled Scallops
I seldom order these in other places cause I would often get disappointed at their versions, but I was so glad Rancho Lorenzo's restored my faith in humani'sea' LOL. Theirs were legit fresh, buttered & seasoned juuust right, and perfectly done.🤤👍🏽

🔥🐟 Grilled Tuna Panga
I never miss any oppor'tuna'ty to order 'panga' when a resto offers it, as it is one of my faves and Rancho's version is pretty straightforward. What makes it stand out is the fact that it is as fresh as they should come and sooo packed with meat! Lovette!👌🏽

🥩 T-Bone Steak
For a steak that ranges from 240-300 pesos (depends on the gms), you're certainly getting your money's worth! It was juicy and tasty. We had it medium-well, so it was a bit chewy for me, but of course you may request your preferred doneness level when you order. 

📸 Alabang Bulletin

📸 Photo by Alabang Bulletin

🍲🐷Pork Sinigang
Oh, man! Just when I thought I've had all the best sinigangs out there already, 'soup'rise!😱 Along comes this baby... Ugh!🤤 I think theirs is already on my top 10 list. The sourness is definitely present in the soup, but in a way that's perfectly subtle and delicious your jaws wouldn't get that unpleasant tingle.😋  (Note: I was too excited I hadn't realized I never took a photo. LOL. Thanks for having the presence of mind to take one, Dinjo!😂) 

🔥🐷🍳 Pork Sisig with Egg
As if they needed to impress me further, they had this other classic dish up their sleeves. They truly made their sisig subtly distinct from the usual. Seriously, one of the best versions I've tried!🤯 Theirs had that pleasant peppery flavor that surely anyone will appreciate. If you're looking for a great beer or rice match, 'sisig' at BFRV, and you shall find.🤤👌🏽

If you haven’t tried Rancho Lorenzo yet, they’re worth checking out, Southies; and if you had been a regular and haven’t found the time to go back there for a while, please visit soon!👍🏽 They would appreciate your support v much; you’ll help them keep the place up and running for many more years to come.🙏🏼

Special thanks to our Southie neighbor, Alabang Bulletin, for this awesome recommendation and much-appreciated treat!🙏🏼🥰

📍 Gloria Diaz St., BF Resort Village, Las Piñas
⌚️ 2pm to 12mn
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   Review and Blog by Southie Donna

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Rancho Lorenzo BF Resort
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4 August, 2023
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