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Maki Sushi Rolls Las Piñas
Snippets of this Southie getting a 'rice' surp'rice' from a lowkey Japa'nook' in Las Piñas.🍜  🍣 🥟 🍤 🥢

What an absolute treat to have experienced  Maki Sushi Rolls - Las Piñas!🤤🥰 After serving orders mostly for deliveries, pickups, and takeaways since the early days of the pandemic, they decided to expand their space to accommodate dine in guests. Sooo glad we were one of those who visited after they were done with renovations!🤗

Suuuper enjoyed almost all of them.😋👍🏼 Check out what they were below:

🍣 🍱🍙 Assorted Maki Platter: California Maki, California Overload Maki, Cheesy Tori-Age Maki, SpicyTuna Maki, Ebi Fry Maki - 'Ebi'thing was sooo good; I can honestly say their rolls are better than most we've tried. Swear! If not me, I'm sure 'salmon' will say the same. Legit!😋🫰🏽

🧀🐙 Assorted Takoyaki (Flavors: Kani Yaki, Special Takoyaki, & Cheese Overload) & Chizu Tamago: I'm not a big fan of takoyaki but OMG YOU GAIZ! I found a new appreciation for it because theirs is undeniably Japa'noms'! Loved all of them but my favorite was the Kani Yaki: the quality of their crab meat  is definitely the clincher. The texture of the flour they use plus the delish fillings and toppings really made me a convert. Talk about 'tako'yummy! Mmm!

🍤🥟🍚🍜 Chicken Gyoza, Tonkotsu Ramen, Ebi Tempura, & Pork Katsudon: Decent katsudon and ramen with a thick broth, but the Ebi Tempura is something I'd recommend. They had a well-seasoned batter mix, fresh shrimps, and had a good crunch even when its 'tempura'ture has cooled down a bit already. But the showstopper here was really the Chicken Gyoza. Dayuuuum! I fell in love with their version completely: one of the BEST gyozas I've ever had so far and my list is a v v short list!🙌🏽 I loved how perfectly seasoned it was and less greasy than the pork version without it tasting dry. 'Gyoza'mazing!😋👌🏽

🥤🍕🧋Shakes, Pizzadilla, and Other Beverages (Mango Graham Cheese Special Shake, Red Iced Tea, Blue Lemonade, and Super Beef Pizzadilla): Since we know kids aren't really the type to fancy Japanese food, they also have kid-friendly items on the menu that's perfect for families dining in.

Thank you sooo much for the Japa'noms' feast, Maki Sushi Rolls Las Piñas! We'll surely be back soon!🙏🏽

📍  635 Pioneer St, Almanza Uno, Las Piñas
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   Review and Blog by Southie Donna

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Maki Sushi Rolls Las Piñas
South Snippets
4 August, 2023
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