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Gabakes Pastries
Snippets of these Southies’ ‘oui-lly’ memorable ‘day-sserts’ 🇫🇷🥧🧁😋

I don’t think I’ll ever shut up about how legit these French creations by @gabakespastries are!🥹

So happy to have had the chance to try their macarons and their cream puffs.🥧🧁🇫🇷 Here’s what we think: 

🇫🇷🥧Macarons: Chocolate, Vanilla, Ube, Coffee, & White Chocolate Matcha 
‘Cannes’ I just say that these babies are seriously to-die-for??? Pardon my French, but: Dayuuum!🙌🏽 These are definitely high up on our list of the best macarons we’ve had in… our lives? LMAO. For real tho. Their shells are hard but soft enough to crack when pinched, but also not too soft for it to crumble? I dunno. I’m like, what? Sorry? But how??? *cri cause mindblown* Also the biscuit has this chewy texture inside akin to a nougat that just gave this crazy, pleasant sensation when I bit into the whole thing to reach the filling.🤤 Safe to say, ’Eiffel’ in love at first bite. Ugh! I just loved everything about it, and the bonus really is: how perfectly balanced its sweetness was with all the components.🫶🏼 Personal favorites: I loved the Coffee flavor, while Southie Ken loved the White Chocolate Matcha one.

🇫🇷🧁Cream Puffs: Caramel & Dark Chocolate
Gab didn’t seem to have hit the ‘bakes’ with creating ‘beret’ good pastries, cause this right here was equally unforgettable.👌🏼 They aren’t your usual cream puffs because they are noticeably bigger than the ones you’d typically buy from other places. They’re also filled full of insanely noms, silky vanilla pastry cream we absolutely ‘loafed’!🥹🫶🏼 The Dark Chocolate was exquisite but the Caramel was an easy favorite of mine because of the combination of textures you get in one bite: the hard caramel candy on top, the right consistency and tasty flavor of the dough, plus the generous vanilla cream. Everything is just *chef’s ‘quiche’* !😗👌🏼

Thank you sooo much for letting us experience your luscious and ‘France’y treats, @gabakespastries!🙏🏼 We’re surely getting some more soon!🫰🏼

Check out their socials and order some to confirm we aren’t ‘Lyon’, Southies!😜
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 Review by Southies Donna & Ken
 Blog by Southie Donna

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Gabakes Pastries
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4 August, 2023
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